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  • Microsoft Azure

    Microsoft Azure is considered as both Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). It is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy, and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft managed datacenters. It integrates your public cloud applications with your current IT environment and helps you build applications using any language, tool, or framework.

    Product Types:

    Azure Backup is a scalable solution that protects your application data with zero capital investment and minimal operating

    Benefits of Microsoft Azure:

    Maximum Productivity:
    With Azure any IT professional or Developer can be more productive. The integrated tools, pre-built templates and managed services make it easier to build and manage enterprise, mobile, Web and Internet of Things (IoT) apps faster, using skills you already have and technologies you already know.

    Open and Flexible Cloud Service Platform:
    A wide selection of operation systems, frameworks, programming languages, tools, database and devices. Run Linux containers with Docker integration; build apps with JavaScript, Python, .NET, PHP, Java and Node.js; build back-ends for iOS, Android and Windows devices. Azure cloud services supports technologies that IT professionals and Developers across the globe work on and trust.

    Fast and Easy Extension Of Your Existing IT Infrastructure:
    Azure is capable of easily integrating with your existing IT environment through the largest network of secure private connection, hybrid database and storage solutions, including data residency and encryption, without having to make a choice to move between your datacenter and the cloud. And with Azure Stack, you can bring the Azure model of application development and deployment to your datacenter. Azure hybrid cloud solutions give you the best of both worlds: more IT options, less complexity and cost.

    Pay As You Go and Scale As You Need:
    Azure’s pay-as-you-go services can quickly scale up or down to match demand, so you only pay for what you use. Infrastructure services like compute, storage and bandwidth can be yours for an unbeatable price and a superior product experience.

    Data Protection:
    Microsoft is in the fore front when it comes to data security and protection. Microsoft is the first cloud service provider to be recognized by the European Union’s data protection authorities for their commitment to rigorous EU privacy laws. Microsoft was also the first major cloud provider to adopt the new international cloud privacy standard, ISO 27018.

    Run Your Apps Anywhere:
    Azure runs on a worldwide network of Microsoft managed datacenters spread across 22 regions. It is one of the best cloud service from Microsoft and its wide global footprint gives the users multiple options for running their application and ensuring high performance and productivity.

    Enables Smarter Decisions:
    Microsoft Azure’s predictive analytics services, including Machine Learning, Cortana Analytics and Stream Analytics, are redefining business intelligence therefore, enabling your team to make smarter decisions, improve customer delight, and discover new business opportunities from your structured and unstructured data base.

    Your Journey to Microsoft Azure:

    For most out there, Microsoft Azure is a whole new world that evolves constantly and understanding its architecture and capabilities is complex and daunting. When you come to Media Solutions, we help you to get the best out of Azure.

    Connect With Us For Expert Consultation
    Connect with us to get a free consultation to scope out your IT requirements ranging from infrastructure, analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage and web.

    Innovative Integration & Offload Deployment
    Using Azure platform components we will build the right solution for your business needs and will assist you in managing any integration with your existing systems including the management of new deployments allowing you to concentrate on business growth and increase profitability.

    Optimize Adaptability and Maximize Return
    We partner with you to ensure that you adapt quickly to the changing business needs and help you further develop your IT solutions across your business hence making the best use of your Azure subscription and keeping the cost at bare minimal.

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  • Azure Backup

    What is Azure Backup

    Azure Backup is the service that you use to back up and restore your data in the Microsoft cloud. It replaces your existing on-premises or off-site backup solution with a cloud-based solution that is reliable, secure, and cost-competitive. It also helps protect assets that run in the cloud. Azure Backup provides recovery services built on a world-class infrastructure that is scalable, durable, and highly available.

    Why use Azure Backup?

    Traditional backup solutions have evolved to treat the cloud as an endpoint similar to disks or tape. While this approach is simple, it is also limited. It does not take full advantage of an underlying cloud platform and translates to an inefficient, expensive solution. In contrast, Azure Backup delivers all the advantages of a powerful and affordable cloud backup solution. Below are some of the key benefits that Azure Backup provides.


    • Automatic Storage Management
    • Unlimited Scaling
    • Multiple Storage Options
    • Unlimited Data Transfer
    • Data Encryption
    • Application-consistent Backup
    • Long-term Retention


    • No capital expenditure is needed for on-premises storage devices. Azure Backup automatically allocates and manages backup storage, and it uses a pay-as-you-use consumption model.
    • Take advantage of high availability guarantees without the overhead of maintenance and monitoring. Azure Backup uses the underlying power and scale of the Azure cloud, with its nonintrusive autoscaling capabilities.
    • Choose your backup storage based on need:
      • A locally redundant storage block blob is ideal for price-conscious customers, and it still helps protect data against local hardware failures.
      • A geo-replication storage block blob provides three more copies in a paired datacenter. These extra copies help ensure that your backup data is highly available even if an Azure site-level disaster occurs.
    • There is no charge for any egress (outbound) data transfer during a restore operation from the Backup vault. Data inbound to Azure is also free. Works with the import service where it is available.
    • Data encryption allows for secure transmission and storage of customer data in the public cloud. The encryption pass phrase is stored at the source, and it is never transmitted or stored in Azure. The encryption key is required to restore any of the data, and only the customer has full access to the data in the service.
    • Application-consistent backups on Windows help ensure that fixes are not needed at the time of restore, which reduces the recovery time objective. This allows customers to return to a running state more quickly.
    • Rather than pay for off-site tape backup solutions, customers can back up to Azure, which provides a compelling tape-like solution at a low cost.

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  • Azure Site Recovery


    All organizations require a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) strategy. This strategy determines how a business’s applications, workloads, and data stays running and remains available during planned and unplanned downtime. The strategy will also highlight how to recover everything to normal working conditions as soon as possible.

    The most important aspect of your BCDR strategy is to ensure that your business data is safe and recoverable, and that all required workloads remain continuously available when a disaster occurs.

    Azure Simplicity

    Azure Site Recovery significantly simplifies your BCDR strategy by replicating your organizations on-premises physical servers and virtual machines to the Azure Cloud or to a secondary datacenter of your choice. This process allows for your applications and workloads to be available as the alternate site kicks in during an outage. This then returns back to the primary service when normal service resumes.

    Why Azure Site Recovery


    • Simplify your BCDR Strategy
    • Flexible Replication
    • Easy Failover and Recovery
    • Eliminate Secondary Datacenter
    • Integrate with existing BCDR Technologies


    • Site Recovery makes it easy to handle replication, failover and recovery of multiple business workloads and applications from a single location. Site recovery orchestrates replication and failover but doesn't intercept your application data or have any information about your business.
    • Azure site recovery allows for replication of workloads running on Hyper-V virtual machines, VMware virtual machines, and Windows/Linux physical servers.
    • Perform recovery drills without affecting production environments. You can also run planned failovers with a zero-data loss for expected outages, or unplanned failovers with minimal data loss (depending on replication frequency) for unexpected disasters.
    • You can replicate to a secondary on-premises site, or to Azure. Using Azure as a destination for disaster recovery eliminates the cost and complexity of maintaining a secondary site.
    • Site Recovery partners with other application BCDR features. For example you can use Site Recovery to protect the SQL Server backend of corporate workloads, including native support for SQL Server AlwaysOn to manage the failover of availability groups.

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