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  • Creativity at Our Core

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    Application Design:

    Common Sense UX

    User experience (UX) design is the process of increasing user satisfaction by improving the usability, layout and accessibility, between the user and the product. The “don’t make me think” philosophy employed by us ensures that you will already know how to use our apps before you even engage with them. Our common sense approach to design ensures the user focus is maintained at all times, work processes are natural and user input is intuitive. We create navigation structures and styles that best fit the application and its environment – we don’t throw new technologies and techniques at our software just because we can.

    Beautiful Interfaces

    With so much attention paid to UX and new technologies in application design you can quickly lose sight of the finer aspect of aesthetics. We are obsessive about the use of typography, layout, symbols, colour, other static and dynamic graphics and how they are used to convey facts, concepts and emotions. Our designers work closely with our clients to create visually stunning, information-oriented interfaces which help users understand and interact with complex data, all delivered in a vision that both drives conversation and results.

    A Creative Approach

    From an initial consultation, our design team at kwiboo drive the creation of all of our applications. Whilst our developers are amongst the best in the game, we believe that development led software can sometimes lack the innovation and engagement to software design that begins on the designers sketch pad. We strive to solve logical business problems and whilst a developer may approach these using web services, databases and site plans, our designers approach the issues from a different angle, that of the end user. We create a visual image of the problem and then story board the user journey to a solution. This give us a clear picture of what we are aiming to achieve whilst also giving clients an invaluable early insight. We find that this process also brings light to issues, functionality and additional requirements that may not have been identified in the initial briefing stage.

    Responsive Design

    The goal of responsive design is to build applications that detect both the users screen size and orientation, then change the layout accordingly. We take this to another level, we create designs for software that not only work on desktops and devices responsively as defined, but also work dynamically within 3d environments both horizontally and vertically, crafting functional interfaces that work on huge scale factors in presentation and demonstration form, taking into account multiple users at any one time.


    The multi-channel expertise to create a brand that will work in harmony with technology to make your business stand out from the crowd.

    We work hard to understand your message so we start by asking the right questions and listen very carefully to the answers.

    Effective branding for us is about understanding your customers and getting the message right before we even start getting creative.

    Because we understand what’s behind your organisation as well as what leads it, our creative team can create brands that speak volumes, work in harmony with technology and compliment your business with design.

    Usability / UX Consultancy:

    What does your business’ user experience look like? Information is everything and we can provide tailored UX Consultancy solutions for your business.

    Understanding your end user is key; for technology to truly work it has to be an intuitive experience with strong calls to action.

    Our usability experts will work out you customer’s needs; what they need from the experience and ultimately what will instinctively drive and engage them.

    Information is everything, and in addition to market trends we explore age, culture, language and ability to create a comprehensive user persona that we use to describe a user of system and their needs when using it.

    Digital Design Consultation:

    Digital Design is key function of designing an application’s look and feel and ultimately the user experience.

    Our design function can work with your existing design team if you need some extra input or take your brief and produce designs that are fit for purpose for delivery by your team.

    All designs have to look correct and enable a user to do their job. Our design team works with our programmers to deliver seamless integration between creative and code.

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  • Develop and Innovate

    software company dubai
    Bespoke Development:

    Bespoke software offers a perfect fit for enterprise business processes. Our partners at kwiboo are experts in understanding complex business models and designing solutions to fit your business needs. Creative, flexible, original, and relevant solutions are the backbone of the Media Solutions and kwiboo partnership. With Big Project Experience worldwide within both public and private sectors, we can develop any customized solution with the latest development technologies and techniques to innovate your business processes.

    Mobile Development:

    Mobile is here and it is here to stay. Increasingly, people are expecting mobile apps to compliment various business processes. Although the PC will never be replaced by the mobile, mobile technologies are growing at an exponential rate and users are expecting an app experience for key business support tools and systems.

    In the workplace, the next generation of users will have the same high expectations as their consumption of technology at home and in education; mirrored working capabilities across devices with instant access anywhere, live notifications, and mobile applications that allow them to interact with colleagues anywhere in the world.

    By offering rich user experiences and leveraging local storage to make them work offline, we create unparalled mobile experiences. A key differentiator to our mobile offering is our ability to update the functionality of a hybrid mobile app without the need for an app store release. Furthermore, our dynamic content and app bundling platform allows us to make in-flight updates to code when an app is first started and has internet access.

    Web Development :

    We specialize in web platforms that have reach and provide rich browser based user interfaces. Web technology is designed for scale and innovative APIs can expose critical services for use by 3rd party applications. Our exceptional talented web development team design, develop and build websites for some of the world’s leading organisations. We understand what a powerful combination cutting-edge web technology and inspirational design can be.

    There is no substitute for experience, and we have a team of what we believe are the UK’s most talented website developers creating robust, transferable, state-of-the-art website technology. The architecture of every website we build makes it easy to change and develop; not just in to what we believe it needs to be, but for any surprises the market or consumer throws at us.

    Windows Development:

    Our partners at kwiboo are Microsoft Gold Certified Partners who can develop the perfect solution for any business technology requirement using Microsoft’s latest development technology, platforms and products as a framework. We can integrate these solutions with any third party platform with a well-documented Application Programming Interface (API).

    We create and integrate applications that will work hard for your business, from administration and e-commerce to cutting-edge user-centric applications like Mitsubishi Electric’s IPad Heating App.

    Consultancy & Resourcing:

    Consultancy and Resourcing that delivers innovation, performance and efficiency.

    Our consultancy process starts with an in-depth business analysis that will help us to better understand your unique requirements and deliver a detailed specification. Throughout the consultancy process we will look for opportunities to improve the agility and efficiency of your existing business processes. Only then do we bring in business technology innovation; not just technology for technology’s sake that adds to the overall cost and increases the cost of ownership and maintainability.

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